There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

GMC PERFORMANCE provides Strength & Conditioning, performance and fitness services for athletes, teams & individuals looking to optimise their performance. At GMC the focus is on high development to optimise athlete and individuals fitness capabilities.

GMC PERFORMANCE designs and implements a model to capitalise sports performance and fitness through a range of scientific & evidence based studies, athlete coaching, nutritional and advanced training methods to develop top class athletes & individuals.

GMC PERFORMANCE offers an exclusive service that is designed from a strength and conditioning system of training where athletes and individuals receive high level performance coaching through exercise programs, health & nutritional education to improve their overall ability.



Personal Training

With the approach of personal training you can be sure that you are getting the undivided attention and a workout programme specifically tailored to your unique needs and fitness levels.All new clients are required to book an initial consultation with a trainer before you can start training. In this consultation trainers will discuss your goals and fitness requirements.


Semi Private Training

Our semi-private training sessions have a maximum number of 4 individuals allowing for a more personalised structure to your training.Every new client wishing to start semi-private training with GMC will need to first book an initial consultation where our trainers will go over your fitness level and training requirements.


Small Group Training

Our small group training sessions not only get you moving but are very enjoyable too!We currently have a number programs running in our facility. All new clients are required to book an initial consultation with the group trainer before you can join the group. This is to ensure you are suited for the training. We will also discuss with you your training goals and requirements.


Metabolic Conditioning (AM & PM)

This is our larger group training program primarily focused on getting you fitter, stronger and help you burn body fat. These are high metabolic session meaning they increase your capacity to burn fat. You can experience an increase in metabolic rate for around 24-48 hours post exercise. We focus on exercises that are scientifically proven to help you burn unwanted pound of fat, that you struggle to get rid of and improve you cardio vascular endurance without the need for running or traditional boring forms of cardio.


Male Strength & conditioning

This is a strength and conditioning program for men who have lost their way and are bored with their training routine and fed up of not seeing the results they deserve. We bring the best of strength training & conditioning into a powerful training program that will revolutionise how you look, how you feel and you’ll see your strength sky rocket.


Ladies Physique & Strength

This is a strength and physique program for women to get stronger, get leaner and finally achieve a lean, toned and healthier body. This is primarily focused to those close to their end goal who want to radically transform their shape. We focus heavily on developing an uplifted and shapely bum, reducing inner thigh fat, tightening and toning the upper arms, reducing belly fat and getting a flatter firmer tummy.


GMC Junior Academy

GMC Junior Academy focuses on implementing performance programs to junior sporting clubs/schools. We look to provide our juniors with a professionallystructured performance program aimed at developing body awareness andbody control, to reduce susceptibility to injury and improve overall sporting performance. Our key focus areas are to teach proper running mechanics, jumping mechanics, landing mechanics, muscle activation techniques and educate our juniors how to look after their bodies to prolong playing career well into their adulthood.


Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation sessions cater to all injuries at all different stages of rehab. The sessions will initially consist of putting you through different movements and tests to assess your injury to ensure a program can be correctly written and implemented. These programs will focus on rehabbing the injury back to pre injury level while developing your strength, power and speed and then integrating you back to your sport.


Athlete Performance Program

Athlete performance sessions are available to all athletes’ at all different levels and ages that want to improve their athletic attributes such as strength, power and speed. Each athlete will initially be coached through the basic lifts (RDL, squat, deadlift, bench press etc.) to ensure they have mastered the correct technique and then will be progressed into a more specific program depending on what your goals are.


NormaTec Recovery System

NormaTec is the leader in rapid recovery—our systems give a competitive edge to the world’s elite athletes, coaches, and trainers. Our goal is to establish recovery as an integral part of every athlete’s training, and we feel NormaTec systems are the best way to accomplish that. The NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab.



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